Out singer-songwriter Adam Lambert spoke to Schon Magazine about new music.

Lambert, who has toured extensively with Queen, said that his solo career has not been negatively affected by his work with Queen.

“I’ve never felt like working with Queen has put any sort of a damper on my solo work,” Lambert said. “I don’t feel as though we can compete with each other. I think that actually, they have coexisted very well, timing wise. The collaboration with Queen is little chunks of time that I go on the road with them, and then I’m done so it’s left me plenty of time to sort of flip-flop into my solo career.”

When asked about the theme of his upcoming album, Lambert, 36, answered that it would include “plenty of longing.”

“I think there are some general ideas of resilience in the theme. There’s a theme of sort of being in your power. And if you’re not in it, kind of taking it back. Definitely plenty of longing… there’s a sense of longing in searching for intimacy. The search for intimacy and the elusiveness of it,” Lambert said.

Lambert released his third studio album, The Original High, in 2015.