In an interview with Vulture, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds said that he's received backlash for his LGBT activism.

Reynolds helped organize the LoveLoud Music Festival in Utah, which this year raised more than $1 million to help several LGBT groups, including the Trevor Project and GLAAD. He also starred in Believer, a documentary that looks at how the Mormon Church treats the LGBT community.

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Reynolds said that he's received criticism from supporters and opponents of LGBT rights.

“Going into this, I knew there would be people on the far right who were going to be upset,” Reynolds said. “People tell me they won't allow their kids to go to my concerts anymore; that when I get to heaven, God's going to be upset with me because I made so many kids gay.”

“And there's also going to be people on the far left who are upset. Because, who the fuck am I, mister white privilege guy. And I get it, but for me, I have to speak my truth and what I believe is, when it comes to issues like this, everybody has to do their part.

Recently, the Mormon Church said that gay, lesbian and bisexual people can fully participate in the church, but that sexual relations are reserved for a man and woman who are married.

“The infuriating part for me and for all these kids is that it's actually doing more damage,” Reynolds said. “What they're doing is saying: 'There is a place for you. A safe place for you. Come on in. But here are your options: Celibacy, mixed orientation marriage – so marry outside your sexual preference, or lie, or tell the truth and be excommunicated.'”