Out actor-comedian Billy Eichner says he's “really impressed with Taylor Swift for speaking out” politically.

In October, Swift, 28, endorsed a political candidate, a first for the singer. Swift endorsed Democrats Phil Bredesen and Jim Cooper to represent Tennessee in Congress. (Bredesen lost to Senator Marsha Blackburn, a Republican, on Tuesday, while Representative Jim Cooper, a Democrat, won his House race.)

“It is strange to me that [celebrities] wouldn’t want to use [their platform], considering the level of evil, corruption and cruelty coming from the highest positions of power in our government," Eichner told UK LGBT glossy Attitude.

"I have to say I was really impressed with Taylor Swift for speaking out. She’s taken a lot of shit over the years for not being political, and I’m glad that she’s turned a corner and we’re now seeing how much influence she has.”

"On one hand, you might say she should have done it earlier, and I don’t necessarily disagree with that,” he said.

Eichner added that he'll continue to speak out against the administration of President Donald Trump, describing Trump as a “con artist.”

“I've always cared about politics, I just wasn't necessarily as vocal about it,” said Eichner, who appears in FX's American Horror Story and Hulu's Difficult People. “But Trump is such a con artist that he's inspired outrage in me, as an LGBT+ person but also just as an American and a human being.”

“And I know that’s true of millions of people all over the USA and throughout the world. Fewer people are just standing on the sidelines and not participating."

"Above everything, beyond being 'a liberal, gay, Jewish New Yorker,' I simply don’t like being lied to and I don’t like to see people with less resources being exploited – even if we disagree politically – by wealthy people in positions of power,” he added.