Democratic Representative Jared Polis on Tuesday defeated Republican Walker Stapleton to become Colorado's next governor.

Polis becomes the first openly gay person to win a gubernatorial race in the United States. (Oregon Governor Kate Brown is openly bisexual and married to a man, while former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevy came out after he was elected.)

The 43-year-old Polis, a five-term congressman, invested a record $22 million of his own money in campaigning to replace Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper, who could not run because of term limits.

Polis, the first openly gay man to be elected to Congress – former Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank confirmed he's gay while serving his second term – and his partner Marlon Reis are raising son Caspian Julius and daughter Cora Barucha, which made Polis the first openly gay parent in Congress.

Prior to entering politics, Polis was a successful businessman, making millions from Internet companies American Information Systems (AIS), an Internet access provider,, an online florist, and, a free electronic greeting card website. Polis is also known for his philanthropic giving.