Singer-songwriter Barbra Streisand has partnered with LGBT group GLAAD to call on LGBT voters to vote in Tuesday's midterm election.

According to a GLAAD press release, a pre-recorded call from Streisand is being made to GLAAD members and supporters across the nation.

“Hi, this is Barbra Streisand,” she says in the message. “Tuesday is a critical election for LGBTQ people and all marginalized communities. And I'm working with GLAAD to help ensure the largest turnout ever of LGBTQ and ally voters in a midterm election.”

“Tomorrow, I hope you will join me at the polls to send a strong message that America is better when we stand together.”

“Go to to get information about how to vote in your state, and let's make history together,” Streisand adds.

Streisand, a vocal LGBT ally, most recently backed GLAAD's annual Spirit Day, which supports efforts to combat the bullying of LGBT teens.