Mr. Right is making a one-week appearance in Hollywood before getting burned onto DVD. The low-budget film looks at the lives of six gay men living in London's gay neighborhood of Soho.

Director Jacqueline Morris' romantic comedy is more filler than fluff, a refreshingly contemporary look at the lives of gay men that spares us the worn cliches.

“Despite the familiar gay characters (Alex is an aspiring actor/waiter, Lawrence is a soap-star, Tom is the self-deprecating artist, and Lars is the narcissistic muscle boy), Mr. Right depicts these men with intellect and wit – minus the campiness and lisps you might expect,” gay site said in June.

Openly gay writer David Morris (yes, a brother-sister director-writer duo) said he wanted to write the gay mainstream movie, and has called most gay movies “rubbish.”

“They're either intensely depressing, where the characters are terminally ill, or they're like Not Another Gay Movie kind of stuff,” Morris told gay site “There are serious issues out there that need to be explored but there also ought to be something in the middle, something like Mr. Right, which is a romantic comedy with a bit of a message that really just says to stand on your own two feet and be who you are.”

After touring the gay and lesbian film circuit over the past year, the film will have its Hollywood theater premiere on October 9 at the Laemmie Sunset Five Cinema. Mr. Right is expected to arrive on DVD in time for Christmas.

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