East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer's apparent transgender life has been exposed days before a primary election is to be held, the Cleveland Leader reported.

Brewer is livid after photos allegedly of him dressed in sexy female lingerie and makeup were leaked to various media outlets.

Cleveland's NBC affiliate, WKYC Channel 3, was the first to broadcast the racy photos.

The segment titled Picture Controversy was aired on Wednesday, September 23. “We have no reason to believe the nearly four dozen photos we have are not real,” Tom Meyer said in his report.

Brewer claims that his opponent, Gary Norton, and the East Cleveland Police Department are responsible for the leaked photographs.

“My opponent and his supporters, along with members of the East Cleveland police department, have circulated pictures they have claimed to be of me throughout the city, and have caused them to be placed in numerous resident homes.”

“Some of the photographs – I have heard but not seen – showed a male sex organ and fall within the legal definition of obscenity. Instead of enforcing state laws that prohibit the dissemination of obscene materials, I have been informed that members of the East Cleveland Police Department, along with the Chief of Police, were actively engaged in their dissemination,” Brewer told reporters on Friday.

Both the candidate and department deny any involvement in leaking the photos.

“I condemn whoever put them out,” Norton told WKYC. “I think they are a distraction at this time from the people of East Cleveland and what the City of East Cleveland needs.”

But Norton does admit he's known of the photographs for about a year.

In a statement, the East Cleveland Police Union refuses to identify Brewer as the man in the pictures, defends itself, repeats its endorsement of Norton, and disturbingly smears Brewer's masculinity.

“As we have seen and learned through past practices, the Mayor will put his name and picture on things as his 'stamp of approval' to show that 'HE' is responsible. Well what stamp of approval is this?”