Out actor Rupert Everett has criticized President Donald Trump's plan to define gender by a person's genitalia at birth, a move which would have the chilling effect of excluding transgender people from protections in existing federal civil rights law.

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Everett, who is best known for his roles in My Best Friend's Wedding and An Ideal Husband, wrote, directed and stars in the film The Happy Prince, which looks at the life of gay Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde.

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During an appearance on Larry King Now, Rupert explained why his film “is for the Trump generation.”

“I think it's quite shocking,” Everett said, referring to Trump. “I mean, especially from a gay perspective, right now. What happened last week, I think, which is the gender thing for transgender [people] is really macabre and worrying.”

“And also the gay partners of diplomats who are no longer getting visas to come in. This is why I think in one sense my film is for the Trump generation, because we do have a great life here in the LGBTQ community but we have to still be vigilant, because things can change just like that,” he added with a finger snap. “And this administration [has] got insanity in it.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Everett said that Wilde is the “Christ figure of the gay movement.”