In an interview with LGBT sports blog Outsports, figure skater Joe Johnson talks about his recent coming out.

Johnson's ice dancing partner, Karina Manta, recently came out by posting on social media a video love letter to her girlfriend. In contrast, Johnson quietly came out by simply living his life openly on social media.

Their partnership could a first for LGBT history books.

“I just started talking about [being gay] on social media one day, because it stopped being convenient to skirt around,” Johnson told Outsports. “I certainly didn't feel obligated. I do think that LGBTQ people having to come out to legitimize ourselves is unfortunate, because being both LGBTQ and a private person is like … a thing that some people are.”

“I think visibility is vitally important, but it should be noted that not every LGBTQ person feels the need, and that's their right, and they're still valid in whatever their identity may be.”

Johnson said that he's known he's gay since he was eleven. “I tried to stifle that part of myself for many years,” he said. After his first nationals in 2013, he came out to his family. “My parents and brother reacted beautifully,” he said.

Johnson also talked about his relatively new relationship with Zac, whom he called “adorable.”

“We met in March, and it's been a happy few months. He's a wonderfully gifted photographer, chef, Legend of Zelda prodigy, handyman, sweetheart, you name it. We went to a pumpkin patch on Saturday,” Johnson said.

He added that he's proud of Manta. “I've learned so much from her, and she's become herself so gracefully. I'm so proud of her,” he said.