Lance Bass and his husband Michael Turchin on Sunday attended all five games of the first-ever “Super Sports Equinox” in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles hosted five men's professional sports games on the same day, dubbed the “Super Sports Equinox.” The Kings (NHL), Rams (NFL), Galaxy (MLS), Dodgers (MLB) and Clippers (NBA) all played at home on Sunday.

Discover LA teamed up with Bass to celebrate this memorable occasion.

Bass and Turchin highlighted their ultimate professional sports day on Twitter and Instagram, posting photos with team mascots and action from each game.

“Days like today are what every sports fan dreams of,” Bass said. “Five home games in one day, all in the sports capital of the world.”

“It's only fitting that the first-ever Super Sports Equinox would be in Los Angeles and I couldn't be prouder to be an Angeleno, today of all days. Go LA!” he added.

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