In the second episode of Carson Kressley's new design show with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy alum Thom Filicia, Kressley reveals that he came out late to his parents.

Kressley and Filicia have reunited for Bravo's Get a Room with Carson & Thom.

“Our client is Scott. He is a late bloomer,” Filicia told Kressley on the episode. “He came out when he was 31 years old, and he's 41 now.”

“So I'm going to give him a 'gay-over?'” Kressley joked.

“I actually was also a late comer outer,” he added. “We were doing Queer Eye and I had to call my mom and dad and be like, 'Oh yeah, the show is coming out on Tuesday.' 'Cause I didn't tell them what the name was.”

“You were nervous about it?” Filicia asked. “I remember you being nervous about it.”

“And it was fine, but it was very nerve wracking,” Kressley answered. “I came out when I was 33, like officially, even though I'm pretty sure everyone was like, 'We get it.'”

Get a Room with Carson & Thom airs Fridays on Bravo.