Tens of thousands of people took part in Saturday's LGBT Pride parade in Taipei, Taiwan.

According to the AP, nearly 13,000 people attended this year's march, the largest in Asia.

The huge demonstration comes roughly a month before voters head to the polls to decide how to implement a May 2017 ruling in favor of same-sex marriage.

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Taiwan's Constitutional Court gave the government two years to extend marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples.

Opponents of marriage equality have proposed creating a separate marriage law for gay couples. In response, LGBT activists put forward a referendum proposing that Taiwan's marriage laws be amended to include same-sex couples. Also on the ballot is a question on same-sex education in schools.

Parade-goers waved rainbow flags and held placards which read “love is equal” and “vote for a happy future.”

“I support the referendums because marriage equality is a basic human right that nobody should be deprived of and gender equality education at school is crucial to prevent discrimination and bullying,” Chen Yu-fang, a homemaker, was quoted as saying by Aljazeera.

“We will use our vote to tell Tsai Ing-wen's government that people want marriage equality,” said Miao Poya, an LGBT activist.

Twenty-six-year-old drag queen performer Chin Kuang-chih said it was “a pity” that the government has made little progress on the issue, despite the court ruling.