Out comedian Billy Eichner has blasted President Donald Trump over a reported plan to introduce a narrow definition of sex which would exclude transgender people in civil rights law.

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TMZ caught up with Eichner, who is best know for his Billy on the Street segments and Hulu comedy Difficult People, at the Los Angeles airport and asked him for his thoughts on the New York Times' report.

“He's not redefining shit,” Eichner, 40, told the outlet. “You can't redefine it. It's a fact of life. He's a fucking piece of shit asshole. Evil piece of shit. The administration is awful. Everyone needs to vote.”

“Do you predict a blue wave is happening?”

“A blue wave should happen,” Eichner responded. “If enough people vote, there will be a blue wave.”

Eichner also appeared in FX's American Horror Story: Cult and will voice Timon in the upcoming film The Lion King.

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