In a recent interview with UK LGBT glossy Attitude, Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz talked about their onscreen romance on the upcoming second season of CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery.

In the sci-fi show's first season, Cruz played Dr. Hugh Culber, the boyfriend of anastromycologist Lieutenant Paul Stamets, played by Anthony Rapp – the franchise's first openly gay television characters. Cruz and Rapp are openly gay.

Fans of the show Criticized Culber's untimely demise in the show's first season.

When asked whether LGBT fans of the show should be worried there won't be representation in season two, both actors insisted their characters are very much present.

“I can promise you that he really did have to go through that in order for us to tell the story that we’re about to tell you,” Cruz said. “We don’t dismiss it. We don’t act as if it didn’t happen. We extrapolate it in a very real way. We extend the story. And there are consequences. There’s a price to pay. But it’s a really exciting way of learning about this character. Honestly, after doing it I feel like we couldn’t have given a more satisfying answer to the question.”

“I think it's safe to say that we actually get to meet Culber in a real way,” he added. “We got to see him through the lens of this relationship last season, but I think this season we really get to know him on a personal level and flesh him out, so to speak.”

“To me, one of the things I love is that there’s a real palpable sense that we’re very different but really allow each other to be who we are,” Rapp said. “I think that’s a really adult relationship. In this, things as they unfold, I think we continue to peel back who we are.”

Star Trek: Discovery returns in January.