Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, spoke this week at a campaign rally in North Carolina for Mark Harris, an ardent opponent of LGBT rights.

Harris, a former pastor at First Baptist Church in Charlotte, won the GOP primary in May, knocking out incumbent Representative Robert Pittinger.

Comments Harris has made about women have fueled recent headlines. As a preacher and political candidate, Harris has repeatedly said that women should submit to their husbands and has questioned whether women having careers is “healthy” for society.

“I'm here because this race is so important,” Pence told the crowd. “The road to the majority leads right through North Carolina. This seat, this race, it is critical to keep the majority in Congress.”

Right Wing Watch points out that Harris opposed Charlotte's LGBT protections law. His First Baptist Church contributed more than $50,000 toward the successful campaign to amend North Carolina's constitution to define marriage as a heterosexual union.

During a 2013 television appearance, Harris said: “I've yet to buy in, as there is not the medical evidence, that an individual that chooses the homosexual lifestyle is born that way. That is a choice.”

Harris is a member of the Family Research Council's (FRC) ministry arm Watchmen on the Wall, a group opposed to LGBT rights. FRC claims on its website that “homosexual conduct is harmful to the persons who engage in it and to society at large.”

At a rally in Jomeokee, North Carolina in 2015, Harris said: “In one generation, you and I have witnessed this country sliding from a nation who once shared a moral vision based on Judeo-Christian ethic to a nation floundering in moral decay. In one generation we have watched our nation who once believed in lifelong marriages to the same spouse to a divorce rate now well over 50 percent. We have watched in one generation where homosexuality was once criminalized to now we see the criminalization of Christianity.”

Pence praised Harris at this week's rally. “We need good men like Mark Harris in Congress to keep the country moving ahead,” she said.