Adam Lambert, Sean Hayes, Gus Kenworthy and Ellen DeGeneres were among the out celebrities celebrating National Coming Out Day on Thursday.

DeGeneres captioned a photo on Instagram of herself sharing a kiss with wife Portia De Rossi: “It's the greatest gift you could give yourself. #NationalComingOutDay,” she captioned the photo.

“It's a beautiful thing to live openly and honestly as your authentic self,” musician Steve Grand messaged to his fans, “when you are ready; on your own terms.”

Comedian Fortune Feimster told fans that coming out changed her life.

“I was never the girl who got asked out. Boys didn’t write me notes or call my house. I never had a Valentine. I wasn’t the object of anyone’s affection,” she captioned a photo of herself with fiancee Jacquelyn Smith. “I made people laugh. That’s where I received love. I just assumed that would be the one and only place I would get it. Then I came out at 25. It changed my life and how I felt about myself. I finally understood where all that early rejection came from. It didn’t feel as painful or personal anymore. I became so much happier. I finally got to experience the thing I’d seen my friends do most of my life; date. Even with all its ups and downs, at least I was getting a shot at it. It still took a while to find love but I finally did and boy do I love her so.”

Olympian Gus Kenworthy posted a photo on Instagram of himself sharing a kiss with boyfriend Matthew Wilkas. National Coming Out Day, he said in the photo's caption, is “a gentle reminder to us all to live our lives honestly and authentically and not allow anybody else's expectations to force us into silence.”

Singer-actor Billy Porter said in a post that he came out at 16. “I am even more committed to #equality and justice than ever before. We ain't going back. I intend to fight for what's right until my dying day. Who's gonna join me?”

Singer Adam Lambert said that coming out at 18 was “a bit scary” but worth it.

“Anyone out there struggling with a secret: you will feel such a beautiful sense of liberation when u finally step into your full truth. I came out at 18 yrs old and even though it was a bit scary, all of a sudden I finally felt like I could be ME. My relationships felt deeper. Take the leap. For anyone who rejects you for it, there are more out there who will celebrate it with you,” Lambert captioned a photo of himself at 18.

“Today is National Coming Out Day,” actor Sean Hayes said in an Instagram post. “As a proud, gay man, I understand the struggle with acceptance of who you are when you feel so different from everyone else around you. But if you are struggling to find the words or you're feeling alone on your journey to come out, find at least one person to lean on who can be the support that you need. And when you do, you will be okay. I promise. You should never be afraid to be yourself.”