Olly Alexander, the 28-year-old lead singer of Years & Years, said in a recent interview that writing Palo Alto, his band's just-released second studio album, taught him he has “all this pent-up anger” toward ex-boyfriends and his father.

Alexander has previously said that he never came out to his father because they “don't really have a relationship.”

“One thing I learned is I had all this pent-up anger,” Alexander told LGBT weekly the Washington Blade. “I would never describe myself as an angry person. I avoid confrontations at all costs. I always practice peace and kindness. I realized I had crushed all this anger inside of me and it was kind of like clawing to get out. That was mainly towards ex-boyfriends, my dad. All the big ones. I learned I’m not quite as good at letting go of my anger as I thought I was.”

Alexander was also asked about the growing number of LGBT artists.

“There was a time a few years ago when LGBT artists weren’t as prominent as they are now. There was maybe Tegan and Sara and that’s it. But now there’s you, Troye Sivan, Kim Petras, Hayley Kiyoko. Did you ever think this would happen or did it shock you?” the Blade asked.

“Well, I think it’s a bit of both,” Alexander answered. “I could never have imagined a pop landscape that included queer options. I never could have imagined that would exist when I was a teenager because I had no reference for it, really. Now, it does feel like a new wave of queer artists coming through. We’re seeing so many talented artists. I’m excited to see what happens next and how all these artists are going to continue to grow and inspire other people. I think we’re still in the early stages of the queer influx of artists. Ones who are able to be out in the beginning of their career. So I’m excited to see how it continues.”