Alex Landi has called his gay role on the ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy a “dream come true.”

In the show's 15th season, Landi, whose parents are Korean and Italian, plays Dr. Nico Kim, Grey's Anatomy's first gay male surgeon.

Speaking with, Landi said reaction to his character has been overwhelming.

“We obviously knew there would be buzz, but we didn’t actually realize how much of a global reach Grey's Anatomy actually has. I was getting messages from Brazil, Italy, France, India, it wasn’t just everyone in America,” Landi said. “I really look up to all the producers and directors for taking this chance [on me], and opening it up to especially an Asian doctor. I think it’s great that they’re combining the Asian ethnicity with the LGBTQ community and combining it into role.”

“I think a lot of the fans were kind of waiting for a gay male surgeon like this. Some of the people were saying that they are going to start watching Grey’s again because of the casting. When I read stuff like that it’s definitely really welcoming, and this is why I’m doing this.”

Landi added that the role is “honestly a dream come true” for him.

“[Pursuing an acting career is] a lot of hard work and perseverance; it's taken me years to get to this stage. I took the leap, and here I am now,” he said.