A Catholic minister says he was fired over liking a gay friend's wedding post on Facebook.

According to ABC affiliate WEWS, Keith Kozak, a campus minister with the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland who was stationed at Cleveland State University, is out of a job after he liked a gay friend's post celebrating his 5 year wedding anniversary.

Kozak believes that a post congratulating another gay couple on their nuptials with a photo of himself at their wedding also contributed to his firing.

When asked to attend a meeting with his supervisor and a person from human resources, Kozak believed it was good news regarding a promotion.

Instead, they asked him about his social media posts.

“The very next day, I received a letter that said I was terminated,” said Kozak.

Kozak added that he did not disclose to the Diocese that he's gay. “I didn't feel comfortable doing it, but I also thought it wasn't important at the time,” he said.

“It's a wake-up call for me. It's a wake-up call that I didn't really realize the Catholic Church would act like this,” he added.

The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland said in a statement that it's confident that the termination was appropriate.