British Olympic diver Tom Daley said in a recent radio interview that he felt “inferior” and “less than” growing up because he liked boys and girls.

In 2013, Daley, 24, came out bisexual in a YouTube video.

Last year, he married Hollywood producer and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, 44. Together they welcomed their first child, Robert, in June.

During an appearance on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, Daley said that growing up he felt “inferior” and “less than” his peers because it wasn't “socially acceptable to like boys and girls.”

“To this day, those feelings of feeling less than, and feeling different have been the real things that have given me the power and strength to be able to succeed,” Daley said.

He said that he wanted to prove he was “something” before coming out and that becoming a parent has changed his “whole perspective.”

“If you had asked me last year, it was all about, 'I need to win a gold medal.' You know what, there are bigger things than Olympic gold medals. My Olympic gold medal is Robbie,” Daley said.