Kaycee Clark was crowned the winner of Big Brother season 20 on Wednesday, making her the first openly lesbian contestant to win the game.

Clark, 30, is a wide receiver for the San Diego Surge of the Women's Football Alliance.

“It's so huge to be the first lesbian to win the game,” Clark told The Hollywood Reporter. “It sill hasn't hit me.”

When asked how she plans to spend her $500,000 prize money, Clark answered: “I need some new gel [laugh]. I want to help out my family and whatever I can do to make life easier for them. And I want to travel with my family and friends and just enjoy life.”

Tyler Crispen came in second and was named America's Favorite Player. Rounding out the final three was JC Mounduix, who is openly gay, making season 20 the first to feature two openly gay contestants in the final three.

In 2013, Andy Herren won Big Brother season 15, making him the first openly gay contestant to win the game.