Six openly gay candidates are running for seats in the Connecticut General Assembly as Republicans.

A 2016 Pew Research Center report found that 83 percent of lesbian, gay, and bisexual registered voters identify or lean toward the Democratic Party.

The six candidates – five men and one woman – are running in districts that lean conservative.

John Scott of Mystic, 48, is running for the same seat he held in 2014-2016.

“I've always said that Connecticut Republicans are just a different animal, a different breed of Republicans,” Scott told NBC News. “We are fiscally conservative and socially liberal; we want a state that people can afford to live in and afford to stay in.”

Scott has been endorsed by the LGBTQ Victory Fund.

A.J. Kerouac, who founded a Gay-Straight Alliance club in his high school at 15, agreed with Scott that Connecticut Republicans were more liberal.

“The majority of our Democrats are a little more conservative than most Democrats in the country, and most of our Republicans are a little liberal than most of the Republicans in our country,” he said. “So we really can find that middle ground.”

The four other Republican candidates include Ken Richards of Groton, Mary Fay of West Hartford, Robert Smedley of New Britain and Shaun Mastroianni of Stonington.

Democrat hold a slim majority in the Connecticut General Assembly.

Gregory T. Angelo, president of the Log Cabin Republicans, said that Democrats in the state have used identity politics to maintain power.

“What the Connecticut GOP has brilliantly done in aggressively recruiting a full slate of gay Republicans candidates is cutting Democrats off at their knees,” Angelo said.