In a recent interview with LGBT blog Queerty, out actor Matt Bomer said that he's “proud and thankful” for his gay roles.

The 40-year-old Bomer plays Sean, a Los Angeles-based gay weatherman, in the upcoming film Papi Chulo.

The role comes amid news Bomer will play Will Truman's love interest on the NBC comedy Will & Grace. He's also played gay in the film adaptation of The Normal Heart and in the Broadway production of The Boys in the Band.

“Do you feel like you have an obligation as a gay dad to tell these stories? So your kids understand the history?” Queerty asked Bomer at the Toronto International Film Festival, where Papi Chulo had its world premiere.

“Well I think it’s inherently part of my story, so I try to be part of those stories,” said Bomer, who is raising three children with husband Simon Halls. “But I try to just tell the stories that I really love and respond to, to be honest with you. And this is one of those. And looking at the script – I would have jumped at the chance to play Sean even if he were heterosexual. You know, [being gay is] a small part of who he is and what’s going on in the film. But, yeah, I love telling all kinds of different stories. I hope I get to tell more LGBTQ stories. I hope a chance to do other stories. That’s part of being an actor – hopefully, to play all different kinds of roles. I’m really proud and thankful that I get to be part of these stories, and hopefully get to continue.”