British singer Dua Lipa has praised fans who were kicked out of her concert in Shanghai, China for waving pride flags, calling the fans brave.

According to the BBC, several fans were removed by security for waving the flags, a symbol of LGBT rights.

A woman who attended the concert with her daughter told the outlet that police were “heavy-handed” and “aggressive” in removing the fans.

In videos posted on social media, Lupa can be seen in the background as the incident unfolds.

An emotional Lupa tried to end her show on a positive note: “I want to create a really safe environment for us all to have fun. I want us all to dance. I want us all to sing. I want us all to just have a really good time. We have only a few more songs. I would love in these last few songs for us to really, really, really enjoy ourselves. How about that?”

In an Instagram post following the concert, Lupa described the fans who were ejected as “brave.”

“I am proud and grateful that you felt safe enough to show your pride at my show,” Lipa captioned a photo of herself from her performance. “What you did takes a lot of bravery. I always want my music to bring strength, hope and unity. I was horrified by what happened and I send love to all my fans involved. I would love to come back for my fans when the time is right and hopefully see a room full of rainbows.”