Recently single out actor Russell Tovey covers the September issue of UK LGBT glossy Gay Times.

In February, Tovey announced he was engaged to Steve Brockman, a rugby coach whom he reportedly started dating in 2016. The pair spit in June.

In his cover interview, Tovey lamented that gay men have moved from bars to dating apps.

“It's so much more exciting when you're in a bar and you catch someone's eye and you smile and go over and shake someone's hand,” Tovey said. “That is far sexier than being sent someone's dick pic.”

He went on to say that he's “very, very, very vanilla,” adding that he's “a one-man guy. I just want to be with that person, whoever that person is.”

The 36-year-old Tovey took on his first major gay role, playing Kevin in the HBO dramedy Looking, in 2013. He also played Harry Doyle on the ABC drama Quantico and the voice of gay superhero The Ray on the CW Seed's animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray.

Tovey said that he wasn't worried about being typecast because “it's not like there's just one gay guy to play. There are billions of fucking gay people and their stories haven't been told.”