British diver Tom Daley and his Hollywood producer husband Dustin Lance Black say they plan to keep their son off social media until he can have a say in the matter.

Daley, 24, and Black, 44, welcomed Robert in June via surrogate.

Since his birth, the couple has teased images of their son on social media but kept his face private.

The men talked about their decision during a BBC 5 Radio Live appearance.

“We have not shown his face on any kind of social media or any kind of media platform and we plan to continue to do that, mainly because there's so many members of our family that are yet to meet him,” Daley said. “From Texas to Plymouth to, you know, all over the United States and all over the world, you know, our friends in Australia, all these places. And we want people to meet him in person first before they see him on social media.”

“And also, he is so cute. He is going to make other parents in the world feel terrible,” Black joked.

Daley added that the “plan is to keep him completely private until he has some kind of say in the matter.”

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