In an interview with LGBT glossy OUT, actress Ann Dowd talked about her son, who recently came out gay.

Dowd, 62, has played supporting roles in several films, including Lorenzo's Oil, Philadelphia and Marley & Me, but is best known for her portrayal of Aunt Lydia on the Hulu drama The Handmaid's Tale.

Last year, Dowd won an acting Emmy for her portrayal of Aunt Lydia, and she has been nominated again this year.

When asked whether she has gay friends, Dowd answered that her son is gay.

“Oh, of course!” she answered with a laugh. “Oh my god, my son just came out, as a matter of fact. Yea, and he’s an adult with disabilities, so it was extra challenging for him on a number of levels. It’s with great relief that he realized. We couldn’t love him more if we tried.”

“I don’t know how else to say this, but as if growing up isn’t hard enough, to have to come out and be worried you’re not going to be accepted for who you are. I think the gay population is among the strongest people in the entire world. It takes tremendous courage, and I have tremendous respect,” she added.

Dowd also said that she cried throughout the filming of Philadelphia, one of the first Hollywood films to tackle AIDS and homophobia.

“It was just tremendously moving and real,” Dowd said. “And just the story, the heartbreak of it.”