Three-term Florida state Representative Shevrin Jones has announced he's gay.

According to the Miami Herald, Jones' low-key coming out consisted of being included in Equality Florida's list of endorsements of openly gay candidates.

“I said I don't know if that's the way I want to have a coming out party,” Jones said. “Then I was like, 'You know what, go ahead. It's fine.'”

Jones, a 34-year-old Democrat, said that he's known about his sexual orientation since he was in kindergarten but only told his family about five years ago.

Jones, who divorced at 31 after a 5 year marriage, was still with his ex-wife when he was first sworn into office in 2013.

He said his brother's death motivated him to come out publicly.

“My brother died at the age of 34,” he said. “I was like, that could have been me. I could drop dead living behind the scenes of something that could have helped someone else. I started living my truth just a little bit more.”

“She's amazing,” he said of his ex-wife. “When I married her, I loved her then. But I loved her too much to continue to lie to her and lie to my family. I have to be honest.”