A new exhibition at the GLBT History Museum in San Francisco recalls defeat of a California ballot measure which sought to bar lesbians and gay men, and their supporters, from teaching in public schools.

The exhibition, titled The Briggs Initiative: A Scary Proposition, opens September 14 and runs through January 20, 2019. Admission is $5, free for members of the GLBT Historical Society.

Proposition Six, also known as the Briggs Initiative, was sponsored by state Senator John Briggs.

Californians overwhelmingly voted down the measure on November 7, 1978.

“The No on Six campaign was the first to succeed in stopping anti-gay forces in the voting booth,” the GLBT History Museum said in announcing the exhibit.

Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in California, campaigned heavily against the measure, attending every Proposition Six event Briggs hosted.

Briggs argued that the law was needed to protect children from homosexuals, whom he accused of abusing and recruiting children.

"This exhibition will bring a scary time for LGBTQ people zinging back for those of us who were there, reminding us that we can fight the forces of anti-LGBTQ discrimination and win even against long odds," co-curator Sue Englander said. "And if you weren't here 40 years ago, the story will sear itself into your consciousness. The differences between 1978 and today aren't as big as they may look.”