A restaurant in Massachusetts received a one-star Yelp review because the owner had hung a small LGBT pride flag in its front window.

“After seeing the rainbow flag in the window, I've had it with this place and have thrown in the towel...,” the reviewer wrote of Caffe Zia Gianna in Dorchester.

“Well, that flag says all and when you delve deeper to see the real customer base here, it's clearly geared and catered ONLY to those who rally behind the rainbow flag.”

“This should be considered treason against our Nation and our Italian Heritage and against Nature and should be punishable as a crime. At a time when the old country is imperiled from corruption and fading family units and going broke, here we have someone who is abandoning the sound family unit and structure. Absolutely disgusting and unacceptable,” the reviewer wrote.

The restaurant's owner, Nino Barbalace, who was born in Italy, posted a screenshot of the review on Facebook. “All are welcome at Zia Gianna, even this gentleman. We'd love to show him some kindness from the LGBTQ community because love always wins,” Barbalace wrote.

“We thought we were beyond that at this point,” Tiffany Andrade, a customer, told Boston 25.

Andrade said that she came to the cafe on Friday to show her support.

Customers on Facebook also wrote messages of support.

“It's unfortunate that some people are so small minded!” wrote a customer on Facebook. “Keep it up! You're doing a great job and what a classy response to this ignorant jerk.”