Reacting to a ProPublica report on how police investigate the murders of transgender women, Laverne Cox called the misgendering of transgender people is “act of violence.”

ProPublica investigated how police in Jacksonville, Florida are handling three unsolved murders of transgender women. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has repeatedly identified the victims as men and used their former names, or dead names.

Misgendering transgender victims not only adds insult to injury but may also be contributing to the lower-than-average clearance rate for transgender murders in the United States.

“Advocates say that not using the name and pronoun a person was known by can slow down an investigation during its most critical hours,” ProPublica wrote. “People who knew the victim or who saw them in the hours before they were murdered might only have known them by their preferred name and gender.”

In tweeting a link to the article, Cox (Orange is the New Black) said that she once considered suicide.

“Many years ago when I was contemplating suicide, I was planning to have a note in my pocket at the time of my death and several other notes in my home which would state my name, preferred gender pronouns and that I should be referred to as a woman in my death,” she wrote. “Being misgendered and deadnamed in my death felt like it would be the ultimate insult to the psychological and emotional injuries I was experiencing daily as a black trans woman in New York City, the injuries that made me want to take my own life.”

Cox also commented on police departments that as a matter of policy identify transgender victims based on what is listed on their state identification.

“I have been saying for years that misgendering a trans person is an act of violence. When I say that I am referring to cultural and structural violence,” Cox said. “The police misgendering and deadnamng trans murder victims as a matter of policy feels like a really good example of that cultural and structural violence.”