Max Bemis, the lead singer of the band Say Anything, has come out in an emotional letter to fans.

Bemis, who also writes comic books mostly for Marvel, talked about his band's upcoming album Oliver Appropriate and his sexuality in a nine-page letter addressed to fans.

Under the heading “GAY STUFF,” Bemis wrote: “I have always been bi-ish or queer or a straight guy who can also like boys. I always talked or joked about it with my friends and found it to be blatantly clear I was. I was bullied for it and called a 'fag' (without irony). This is, sadly, common, I'm not special. I even went so far as to tell people I was also attracted to guys repeatedly. They chalked it up to my bipolar-shit, which was hurtful.”

Bemis, who is raising three children with wife Sherri DuPree Bemis, also a musician, added that his “queer experiences were limited and remain mostly emotional ones.”

“So why should you care? Because this all applies to OLIVER APPROPRIATE,” Bemis said, adding that the album is about a “self-loathing, slightly homophobic misogynist; essentially my opposite as a semi-actually-kinda-gay neurotic moralist who has been married to the female love of my life for ten years.”

Bemis also said that “Say Anything is retiring in the sense that Jay-z did.”

“It's not an indefinite hiatus or a breakup because that's impossible,” he said.