Queer Eye's grooming guy Jonathan Van Ness on Wednesday called on Democrats to push moderate candidates in the 2018 midterms.

“Luckily [not] a lot [too] extreme right people won yesterday, meaning that if we can come up w center left candidates we can take back the house & senate, not to mention many state legislatures,” Van Ness tweeted. “It is so important for the left to not go too left or we are done for.”

After some followers argued that Donald Trump's presidential victory in 2016 was the result of Democrats nominating Hillary Clinton, Van Ness replied by saying that “demanding all or nothing” is what got Trump in the White House.

Van Ness then posted a video on Instagram, in which he elaborated on his positions.

“Our ability to notice gray area and to notice what compromise means and how much compromise has led us to where we are is important,” he said. “You have to move little bits at a time; that's how government works. So, I'm not advocating for racism. I'm definitely not advocating for Donald Trump, who sucks, but I am saying from the left if you want to get us into a safer place nationally so that we can have LGBT rights and we can continue having equality, then we have to be able to not demonize the right.”

“Let's lead w Love,” Van Ness added in a tweet. “UNLESS it's directed at Trump Admin, we def loathe them and how they manipulate everything.”

Van Ness mostly received messages of encouragement and support. However, a few followers pushed back, saying that compromise was not an option.