Adult entertainment performer Wesley Woods claims he was attacked in West Hollywood for “being gay.”

In a video posted Friday on Twitter, Woods said that he and his best friend were brutally attacked by three “straight, white, hetero men.”

Woods said that the attack happened on Wednesday and that he was speaking out to create awareness.

“My best friend and I were brutally attacked by three straight, white, hetero men in West Hollywood, California,” Woods said in the video. “Why you might ask? For being gay.”

Woods said that he and his friend were attacked as they walked down the street “minding their own business.”

“Now we weren't technically being gay at that exact moment. We were just walking down the sidewalk. You see, being gay is the act – that's when you have a dick in your ass.”

He added that he did not record his video for sympathy but to create awareness.

“You're not always safe in the place where you think you are. Always have someone next to you. Always be aware of your surroundings. And be prepared to fight for your life,” Woods said.