Speaking with LGBT glossy OUT, director Jim Fall said that Christian Campbell, JP Pitoc, Tori Spelling and Miss Coco Peru will reprise their roles for Trick 2.

Fall announced last week that the sequel would arrive next year, “just in time for the 20th (!!!) anniversary of TRICK.”

In the original film, aspiring Broadway composer Gabriel (played by Christian Campbell) and go-go dancer Mark's (J.P. Pitoc) efforts to have a one-night stand in New York were thwarted by a series of comedic situations. Instead of their hoped for trick, the men form a budding relationship.

Also appearing in the film were Tori Spelling, who played Gabriel's friend, and drag star Miss Coco Peru.

Fall told OUT that Trick 2 will take place in Los Angeles.

Fall said that a reading in Los Angeles includes most of the original cast, including Spelling, Pitoc, Campbell and Steve Hayes, who played Perry. (Miss Coco Peru's return was previously known.)

Fall said that in the sequel, Gabriel and Mark reconnect in Los Angels.

“I wanted to write a story that emotionally tracked from the first movie, where you think they're going to get together,” he said. “But this movie, if you watch them back to back, it will emotionally track. This is the movie where they kind of actually fall in love, whereas the first movie, they fell in lust.”

In the sequel, Gabriel has “lost his dream of writing musicals and has sold out a little bit, and in comes Mark, visiting LA. And it reminds him of who he used to be and what he used to want.”

“I can tell you that the drama in the movie is that Gabriel is in a relationship already, a seven-year relationship. So, when Mark enters his life again, he has to choose whether he's going to stay or go with Mark,” Fall added.