The Shively, Kentucky police department has fired a recruit over racist and homophobic tweets he made between 2015 and 2017.

Shively Lt. Col. Josh Myers announced the firing during a press conference held on Wednesday.

Myers called the Twitter posts made by Trent McDuffie “intolerable” and “wrong.”

According to, McDuffie said in one of the posts that he hated gay men. Other posts included images of KKK members and racist and homophobic slurs.

"The Shively Police Department strives to maintain a good working relationship with all persons of the community," Myers said. "[We] do not condone, nor will we tolerate, any actions on the part of our members that is insensitive or intolerant of any person's beliefs, color, sexual orientation, political opinion or otherwise. All people have the right to be treated equally, and we make every effort to do so."

Myers said that the department scrutinized other social media accounts prior to hiring McDuffie but was unaware that he had a Twitter account. He said that the department was made aware of the posts by a local media outlet.

Myers added that McDuffie admitted to posting the messages and was remorseful.