Director Jim Fall has announced a sequel to the 1999 gay romantic comedy Trick.

In a Facebook post, Fall said that Trick 2 would arrive next year, “just in time for the 20th (!!!) anniversary of TRICK.”

“So this is in the works for 2019,” Fall captioned a teaser image for the movie. “Script is written, doing a reading with the cast soon, raising the money to make it all happen.”

In the original film, aspiring Broadway composer Gabriel (played by Christian Campbell) and go-go dancer Mark's (J.P. Pitoc) efforts to have a one-night stand in New York were thwarted by a series of comedic situations. Instead of their hoped for trick, the men form a budding relationship.

Also appearing in the film were Tori Spelling, who played Gabriel's friend, and drag star Miss Coco Peru.

Trick 2 will take place in Los Angeles.

While Miss Coco Peru has said she'll return, it's not clear whether the film's leads, Campbell and Pitoc, or Spelling are on board.