A man in Missouri has been charged with a hate crime after he assaulted three men he thought were gay.

Allen M. Loftis, 22, attacked the men at Shady Gators, a bar in Lake Ozark, according to KY3.

The incident occurred after midnight Saturday while an 80s rock cover band played at the venue. One of the men was dressed in a see-through half shirt and leopard print pants, and was wearing a wig. Loftis allegedly used an anti-gay slur as he yanked the wig off the man. He punched another man in the throat and mouth. Loftis punched a third man in the face who tried to break up the fight.

Camden County Sheriff Tony Helms told KY3 that the men said that they were not gay.

“When they brought him in, the suspect, for questioning, he admitted that he didn't care for gays, and he shouldn't act that way,” Helms said.

According to court records, Loftis told authorities that “he was not going to allow gay behavior going on around him and this is why he pulled the wig from [the victim].”

Loftis is free after posting bond.