A Facebook group opposed to marriage equality and transgender rights has called for a boycott of Britney Spears.

Over the weekend, Spears performed at Brighton Pride and launched a Pride edition of her Fantasy perfume, which comes in a rainbow-striped box and appears to only be available in the UK. A portion of sales benefit GLAAD.

The group 1,000,000 Supporting Traditional Marriage, which has 150,000 followers, shared a Pink News item on Spears' perfume with the caption “BOYCOTT!!!”

In addition to its opposition to same-sex marriage, the group is also opposed to transgender rights.

Spears also received flack from LGBT supporters, some of whom questioned why only £1 from the perfume's £40 price tag was being donated to GLAAD; others chided the singer for promoting her perfumes during Pride. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Spears plugged her unisex Prerogative perfume: “Loved seeing so many people out celebrating diversity and inclusion for #pride here in the UK! Having the freedom to be who you want to be is so important, which is why we made Prerogative, a fragrance for ALL!! Check it out exclusively at @BootsUK #MyPrerogative.”

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