Police in Britain have arrested a man who threatened to stab gay people following Brighton LGBT Pride.

More than an estimated 300,000 people attended Sunday's festivities, which included a performance by Britney Spears.

Police in Brighton stranded thousands as they temporarily suspended train service in Brighton.

Journalist Benjamin Butterworth was among those lucky enough to catch a train home and avoid the chaos.

Butterworth told Pink News that a man on the train threatened to pull a knife on him and others and stab them for being gay. He said that the man called the passengers pedophiles that deserve to be killed.

“The man got on the train at a stop between Brighton and London,” Butterworth said. “He yelled that gay people are pedophiles, ungodly, freaks, failures to their parents.”

“Then he said he was going to pull a blade out and stab every gay person on the train. He said gay people deserve to be killed and that he would stab us. … The whole thing was unproved.”

“He was eventually taken off the train at Clapham Junction in handcuffs,” he said.

A spokesperson for the British Transport Police said that the man was 28 and arrested “for a public order offense and is currently in custody.”

Butterworth added: “When you can't even get the train home from celebrating Pride without being told you deserve to be killed for being gay, there's a problem.”