Culture Club's long-awaited sixth studio album, Life, arrives October 26, and Boy George, the group's frontman, says it's “very eclectic musically.”

Life was originally titled Tribes and was originally slated for release in 2016-17.

Boy George told Billboard that the album was delayed because they decided to “record everything again, just to give the album a kind of continuity, a kind of feel.”

"I just feel that we've made an album that we've been trying to make maybe since [1983's quadruple-platinum] Colour By Numbers," Boy George said. "It's funny when you say it sounds very Culture Club; We do often say that about tracks. But it just feels looser. It's very catchy. The songs are really strong, really melodic. It just has an ease about it that I really like."

"Culture Club has always been very eclectic musically," he continued. "We've worn our influences quite proudly but we've never stuck to any particular theme. There's always been elements of soul, reggae, rock 'n' roll. It all goes into the mix and it comes out and sounds like us."

Life's first single “Let Somebody Love You” was released this week. Culture Club kicked off its North American tour on Friday in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The tour includes the B-52s and the Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey.

Boy George said that performing live is “where the fun is.” “It's the only place where you can really be completely authentic,” he said.