Out British actor Ian McKellen has criticized President Donald Trump, saying that what the president enjoys most in life is fame.

CNN's Christiane Amanpour asked McKellen, 79, his thoughts on Trump.

“He’s so illiterate,” McKellen replied. “He displays his inadequacies every time he opens his mouth, I’m afraid. And every time he tweets … dictators and leaders have taken advantage of the mass media ever since it was available to them whether it was the radio, advertising and now television or film. And he’s the master of the television, you have to grant him that. … It seems to me, as an outsider, that what he enjoys most in life is not power but fame.”

McKellen, who stars in a London production of Shakespeare's King Lear, added that Vice President Mike Pence's views on LGBT rights “frightened” him.

“I'm much more frightened of the words and beliefs of your vice president with regard to people like me,” McKellen said. “I gather he thinks I should go somewhere and be cured. I believe he can't trust himself to be in a room with a woman on his own. That's a disturbed person who should not be in any control of situations.”

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