Air Force defensive back Bradley Kim came out publicly on Friday, making him the first openly gay football player to play for a military academy.

Kim, a sophomore, came out to teammates, on social media and in an article in Outsports.

“The biggest reason I want to share this is to be able to reach people who are in similar situations struggling with the same things I have struggled with,” he told Outsports. “I want to be that example for kids that you can be gay, you can pursue your dreams, and you can have an athletic career.

“My dreams got me to a D1 football program. I want to be there for people who don’t feel like they have anyone there for them, because I was that kid growing up in high school,” Kim said.

Kim said that in coming out to his teammates, he received a standing ovation.

“They tell me they appreciate the fact that I felt confident enough, and they meant enough, for me to tell them,” he said.

Kim, who attended high school in Washington near Seattle, said that he knew he was gay in high school but didn't tell anyone about his sexuality.