During an appearance on Cold Cuts with Al Roker – the YouTube series in which NBC personality Al Roker talks with celebrities while creating a signature sandwich – singer Lance Bass talked about growing up gay in Mississippi.

When Roker asked Bass, 39, about his secret to keeping that NSYNC vibe, Bass answered “marrying young,” a reference to his 31-year-old husband, Michael Turchin.

“Marrying young, I think that helps,” Lance answered. “You know, my husband's pretty gorgeous. And he has metabolism like no other.”

Lance credited Turchin for getting him to eat vegetables.

“And now I actually enjoy veggies,” Bass said.

“So, what was that like, growing up gay in Mississippi?” Roker asked.

“It was lonely,” Bass responded, adding that he knew he was gay since he was five years old. “It was just a lonely journey, because there was no one I could talk to about it.”

Bass' sandwich included rotisserie chicken – including some skin, because you got to “treat yourself” – shaved truffles and funyuns inside french toast bread.