CVS has fired 2 employees involved in calling police on a black woman over a coupon.

Camilla Hudson recorded the incident on video and shared it on Facebook.

The video shows CVS manager Morry Matson calling 911 on Hudson. Hudson said that two managers refused to take her coupon for a free product, claiming it was “fraudulent.” She said that she received the coupon in the mail and posted a photo of it on social media.

“So, THIS just happened: I had the police called on me for attempting to use a coupon @ the CVS Pharmacy located at 6150 N. Broadway in Chicago!” Hudson wrote in sharing the video.

Matson is the chapter president of the Log Cabin Republicans of Illinois, a conservative group that represents lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and a supporters of President Donald Trump. He has said that he served as a state delegate for Trump in 2016. Matson is currently running for alderman of the 48th Ward. His platform includes “restoring law and order,” according to his campaign site. After news of the incident broke, Matson's campaign website was shuttered.

Log Cabin Republicans issued a statement condemning Matson's actions and announced that it had “terminated” the Illinois state chapter.

“Log Cabin Republicans Chapter Leaders have a duty to conduct themselves in a manner becoming of an organization advocating equality and inclusion of all Americans – whether or not they are acting in an official capacity on behalf of LCR or otherwise,” the group said. “As news articles highlighting Mr. Matson’s actions from this past weekend show, not doing so can have detrimental consequences not only for individual Chapters, but for the national organization as a whole. As such, the provisional charter afforded to LCR Illinois under its newly reconstituted leadership has been terminated.”

CVS Health told USA Today that it has apologized to Hudson and fired the two managers involved in the incident.