Queer Eye's grooming guy Jonathan Van Ness opened up about his battle with psychotic depression in an interview with Time Out.

Van Ness said that he struggled with the disease after his stepfather passed away from cancer. Psychotic depression is a major depressive episode that is accompanied by psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions or disordered thinking.

“I was 25, and I was watching my stepdad pass away from cancer,” said Van Ness, 31. “I was in yoga every day, I was in therapy, and I got on and off medication the same year.”

“When I got off of them, I quit cold turkey. It was, like, six months of psychotic depression… If you do decide to get off, definitely wean yourself off.”

“Maybe don't take advice from this interview about what you should do with antidepressants,” he later added, “because I don't know you.”

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