Out singer-songwriter Olly Alexander celebrated London Pride by sharing what Pride means to him.

The 27-year-old Alexander is the lead singer of the synthpop band Years & Years. Its latest studio album, Palo Santo, was released late last month.

“Wish I could be with my London gaybies today for Pride,” Alexander tweeted.

“Hydrate, wear sunscreen, be safe, have fun and remember that Pride began as a protest. We have a long way to go to end homo/bi/transphobia and that we gotta lift each other up every day not just at Pride.”

“Also – want to reaffirm my support for trans people. Trans women are women! Trans men are men! Also – non binary people are great! If somebody tells you they use they/them pronouns – use them! It’s not that hard – I promise your effort will be appreciated!”

“Finally we are an iNtERsEcTIonAL community… if we ever want true equality as queer people, we have to dismantle racism, sexism, classism, ableism & more. Let’s be respectful and listen to each other. We have much to learn, love you,” he added in a separate tweet.

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