A mayor in Britain has resigned following a drag queen's campaign to expose his opposition to the LGBT community.

According to the BBC, Richard Smith stepped down from his position as mayor of Ferryhill following an online campaign from local drag queen Tess Tickle.

“I was in total shock and disbelief that the mayor of Ferryhill was posting such hate against homosexuality, Islam and transgender people,” Tickle told the BBC.

“Everybody's entitled to their own views and beliefs. However, sharing things in a public domain in a position of power … it's not acceptable. I thought, it needs to be highlighted,” Tickle said.

Tickle highlighted Smith's posts on her own Facebook page. One post featured a cartoon of a mother shushing her daughter who is complaining about a transgender woman – drawn with a mustache – using the women's restroom. “Shhhhh...We aren't allowed to speak the truth any more...,” the mother tells her daughter. Other posts shared by Smith include homophobic messages such as gay people are “an abomination” and “worthy of death.”

In announcing his resignation, Smith said that he was “denied the opportunity to hold personal views” and suggested that his posts were taken out of context.

It's a “matter of sincere regret to me that those personal views have been so tragically and outrageously twisted and reported on in order to discredit both myself and my faith,” said Smith, who is also a preacher.