Karamo Brown, Queer Eye's culture guy, has shared his top three tips for a healthy relationship.

The 37-year-old Brown laid out his advice in a video taken from inside a car.

“#HeyFriends, many of you have hit me up asking for relationship advice,” Brown wrote in tweeting the video. “Here are 3 tips to having a healthy relationship.”

“First of all, understand you got to set clear boundaries from the beginning. Having a relationship with no boundaries is like driving through traffic with no stop signs. It's reckless,” Brown said in the video.

“Secondly, understand your relationship is like a bank account. If you withdraw a lot from your relationship, eventually you're going to be in the red. So, you constantly need to reinvest. So, if you withdraw by not communicating, next time you reinvest. … That's how you add to the relationship, so it's flourishing and growing.”

“Thirdly, understand that your trauma from your past will come up. You might have experienced mistrust. And so that might rear its ugly head, but it's okay to acknowledge it and let the other person know and allow yourself to grow through that by talking about it,” Brown added.

Brown got engaged to fiance Ian Jordan in May.

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