In a recent interview with Business Insider, British actor Hugh Grant said that he took a role in A Very English Scandal for its sex scenes with co-star Ben Whishaw.

Based on a book by British journalist John Preston and written by Russell T. Davies, who created Queer as Folk, Cucumber and Banana, A Very English Scandal stars Grant, 57, as Jeremy Thorpe, a politician with aspirations of becoming prime minister who was accused of conspiring to murder his ex-lover, Norman Scott, played by Whishaw, who is openly gay. The BBC's three-part drama is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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When asked whether he knew that he would have sex scenes with Whishaw when he took the role, Grant answered: “That's why I took the role.”

"We just got on with it, really," Grant continued. "The scenes where we're in love, and I'm passionately kissing him and rolling around in the bed with him, very little talk. Just, 'I think I'm going to stand here, kiss him, and then put him on the bed.' I remember one time, I pushed him on the bed and I thought, 'Well I got one with kissing him, but I better try something else: I'll lick his nipples!'"